Sunrise on Sun Link

banner-grand-openingSun Link, Tucson’s modern street car, hits the downtown scene in earnest at  sunrise today. That’s exactly 5:34  this morning. The official Ribbon Cutting and Grand Opening is at 9:00 a.m., after which the street car will roll for three days of free rides. In my neck of the woods the excitement is palpable.

Eight made-in-the-USA streetcars will connect my next-door neighbor, The University of Arizona with nearby Main Gate Square,  the eclectic and entertaining Fourth Avenue Business District, a vibrant and growing Downtown and the historically significant, yet cutting edge Mercado San Augustin. So many sights to see. So many restaurants to enjoy. So many people to connect with. So much life to live.

What’s not to love about that?


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Tucson Tuesday V ~ Tucson Botanical Gardens

Tucson_Botanical_GardensTucson Botanical Gardens  is a tranquil oasis in the heart of Tucson, that “strives to be recognized and respected as the best small public garden in America.”

It most definitely has my respect.

Over 21 years ago I made my first sojourn to the gardens and have continued with frequent and regular visits ever since. I go for new displays and exhibits, plant sales, to take photos, glean ideas and simply to escape.

For years I taught gardening classes through the TBG education program and have participated in many of their lectures and special events. One of my personal goals is to exhibit my original art in their gallery.

In addition to 17 specialty gardens, this welcoming retreat boasts rotating gallery exhibits at Porter House, fresh food and drink at Cafe’ Botanica and a gift shop that rivals most big city museum shops.

Even in the high-heat days of June, Tucson Botanical Gardens is a cool, sweet retreat with lots of mature shade trees and plenty of secret garden spaces. It is a treasure.

What’s not to love about that?


Tucson Tuesday IV ~ Edible Baja Arizona


Edible Baja Arizona

Edible Baja Arizona  is a magazine “celebrating the foodways of Tucson and the borderlands.” But for me, it’s a visual and informational feast. I love good food, good writing and captivating images. This publication hits all three marks.

Published six times a year, Edible Baja Arizona features tightly written stories and exceptional photography celebrating the benefits of eating locally, exploring the food heritages of Baja Arizona, and advocating for the relocalizing of our foodshed. (A food shed is the geographical area between where food is produced and where it is consumed.)

I get excited when I know it’s about time to pick up the latest edition at the farmers’ market or at one of my favorite locally owned businesses. I savor every article and gawk at all the images, both content and ads. I read each page knowing that the material therein addresses my town, my food, my land, my people.  Every article is relevant; and through relevance, community and connections grow.

What’s not to love about that?

Tucson Tuesday III ~ Forecast

Forecast for Tucson, AZ High /Low (°F)

Mostly Sunny 103°/74°
Jun 25 Sunny 104°/75°
Jun 26 Sunny 105°/74°
Jun 27 Partly Cloudy 104°/73°
Jun 28 Sunny 104°/76°
Jun 29 Sunny 105°/76°
Jun 30 Sunny 106°/78°


Tucson in June. Seek shade, cool and sweet, like this pocket in my front yard.

When desert heat
Threatens to defeat

Seek shade
wait patiently
for rain

*Although it was not always the case, I love Tucson summers. The snowbirds and students leave us with much quieter roads and great summer rates at restaurants and resorts. Even more important, I’ve learned how to live here. I adore early mornings, sunrises, sunsets and cool nights. During the middle of the day, I retreat. I paint, I write, see movies, read books. It’s a lovely existence, really.