We Are Made of Stardust


Original Watercolor by Kim Nelson

we are made of stardust
stars are made of us
the science, undisputable
agree too

we are made of stardust
stars are made of us
Look Up!
unity, every
shape, size, hue
burning, yearning
for the same thing/ending
as me, you

that connection
to stardust

I recently read an article on the myriad colors of stars and thought, “They are like a cosmic flower garden. Or maybe flowers are like earth-bound stars.” Then, of course, I pondered that all are elementally the same. And a poem and painting were born.

Hard Earned

Hard Earned / Learned

In the past
If someone gave me a satin robe
Emblazoned with my name
Presented a rope-ringed mat
Stools in opposing corners
Then rang a bell

I’d jump in

Now, on a good day,
No matter the gift, set-up, challenge
I return to my mantra
May you be happy
May you be well
May you be free from suffering

And may I be, too.

Channeling Grace
I walk away
from the ring


* Guided Loving Kindness Meditation
*Shared at Poets United