Great Things From Small Seeds Grow

I garden avidly.

When I was a child, my now 98-year old grandmother introduced me to the magic of coaxing food, medicine, scent, and sensation from seeds planted in the earth.

Gram lived a few blocks from my childhood home (in which my mom still lives) and I could walk to her place in minutes.  In my first book, A Desert Gardener’s Companion, I share a few of my happy-memory stories:

~ Gram supervised while I planted bulbs in her front bed to earn my Brownie Girl Scout Handbook.

~ I learned to double-dig alongside her in the vegetable plot of her half-acre garden.

~ All the girls in the family made jams and jellies from home-grown fruit in Gram’s tiny but efficient kitchen.

It was at the dining table in that same kitchen that I first perused stacks of seed catalogs with color-rich covers cradling packet descriptions and hundreds of  varieties possessing distinct and unique qualities. I loved those catalogs then, and I love them now.  But these days my favorite catalogs and companies are online.

I recently ordered seed from Botanical Interests, enticed by their Facebook page , our Twitter connection and their inspirational blog posts.

Botanical Interests is “a family owned garden seed packet company specializing in dependable herb, flower, and vegetable varieties for the home gardener.” Always pleased with their products, I expect this year’s choices to perform just as well.

Bring Home The Butterflies,  Xeriscape Extreme and Perennial Bloom promise to be great additions to my newly-installed bird and butterfly garden. Just outside the massive bay of windows that define my work space, I’ve planted lots of seed- and berry-producing plants to entice the desert’s insect and avian creatures.

When interplanted with the Guara,  lavender, Loropetalum, Plumbago, Pyracantha, Salvia and others, I’m sure the nectar-producing florals these selections boast, along with the baby’s breath, Nasturtiums, Penstemon, and poppies, will be utterly adored.

And I will adore the creatures they attract.

I just hope the raptors

…and the coyotes

…and wild cats

mind their manners.

Bless the beasts…

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4 thoughts on “Great Things From Small Seeds Grow

  1. I’ve written a number of times about my “green genes.” The gardening DNA skipped me but I married a gardener. My children worked beside their dad outside for years, even doing volunteer projects at community gardens with him. They had their own plot as little kids where they could dig and plant whatever they wanted. Now they’re young teens. My boy has lost interest, but my girl dotes on plants, particularly bonsai trees. She has three, named Johann, Yolanda, and Naomi. Naomi just bloomed–one teeny tiny white flower. We were so proud!

    • So funny, V. My girls aren’t gardeners, but my son yearns for a plot of his own. And judging from the names she proffers her plants, I think The Girl and I would get along well. One of my daughters names her fish with equal flair and it tickles me.

  2. I’ll have to try some in my disheveled flower beds. Thanks again for the other day (weeks ago now!) I cannot tell you what your advice/help has meant to me.

    • Sarah,
      The pleasure was all mine. You, your little ones and the potential for your garden pop into my mind quite often. My children and I made lots of memories when at your stage of the game, and it was so much fun!

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