Raw, Now Better

I AM better.

It took years to purge the hurt, the pain

Remove the stain

Release what remained

Of the deep humiliation.

White trash label from parents of friends

Grandfather who’d not make amends

Father, mean drunk, nights, weekends

Relatives who’d deny and defend

Then reprimand

Because I spoke up.



Banged the gong.

Told the tale ~ told the truth.

Offered proof.

“Every family has secrets.”

“They’re no better than us.”

“You’re no better than us, little miss high and mighty.”

But I was.

Sometimes there is better or worse.

And all you have to do is choose.

I AM better.

*Thanks to Sunday Scribblings for the prompt ~ raw
*And to Writer’s Island for secret
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60 thoughts on “Raw, Now Better

  1. Very, very well written. A post that can only be effective in its message because it came from the heart of the writer herself. Raw, an open wound that has finally healed. Thank you for sharing this with us. I had posted one that dealt with the very same thing about a friend in class. Here it is if you’d like to take a gander: Courage and Disclosure

    All the best Kim and sending you ((hugs))

  2. Wow, you might as well have been in my heart while writing this piece, finding all of my nook and crannies. The picture is wonderfully bleak but gives hope because you are better. Thanks for sharing this with us, it is greatly appreciated!

  3. Wonderful in both content and presentation! Congratuations to you on being brave enough to speak out and to find healing in your life. We are survivors and we celebrate that!

  4. Obviously a Universal and I can only relate to the feelings that carve a deep path and last a long time, until that time comes to reach beyond all of it and find self. Wonderfully raw write,


  5. Thankyou so much for sharing your piece. I believe we all carry some essence of our childhood and your beautiful writing shows just how much you’ve come out on top…congratulations girl!

  6. Kim…
    I’m amazed not only at how I could relate to what you wrote…but how many have also made comments to the same! I have admired your writing…have connected with the love story you’ve unveiled, and now the history from which you have emerged. Thank you for sharing your heart, for it encourages mine.

  7. Kim, this was starkly honest. I’m not sure if this is written from real life, but it came across as such… The slanders, the brutal words and actions of family, sometimes make artists into what they are, simply driven by the need to express this side of the human condition.

    Perhaps I had a psychic connection with you, because mine is also about family secrets, and quite real:
    Peace, Amy

    • Gloria,
      I am happy every time I see your name in my comments moderation box. Thank you for your ongoing support. And I’m heading over to your “Moment” right now.

  8. Thanks Kim :) I’m responding here because I can’t for the life of me figure out how to respond to people’s comments on my blog. Only thing I can do is leave a comment like I’m visiting my own site….lol, maybe I’m just tech challenged. Anyway, I really appreciate your comment. Thank you!!

  9. I loved the way each line punched out the hurt. Your character however is strong and right. Believing in oneself is so important, she has achieved that. A remarkable poem.

  10. A raw and forthright piece, that’s also full of hope and determination! You’ve described my childhood, and that of many others I suspect. But we are definitely better now, those of us who have chosen to be!!

    Thank you for that, Kim, and for your comments on my blog today…I was in need of a kind word…:)

    Imagination Lane

  11. Great take on “raw.” Our experiences, very similar, and so the truth rings out loud and clear in this piece, Kim. So many of us artists are products of rough backgrounds. And we come to blogs to purge, to explain, to describe the depth of pain, and hopefully to tell of our overcoming the shackles of memory. A really good piece of writing, this, and thanks. Here’s mine – what with protests and all, hard to get at the computer here in Madison:

    Peace, Amy

  12. All families have secrets. Sometimes the women don’t know. But there are always secrets. They even have a name. Good write! Family secrets are too heavy for little girl to carry…..very far. Glad you let them lie. Maybe they were a lie?

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