53 thoughts on “Good Husband and Me

  1. Thank you for visiting A Trellis Truce. You are so right about Ada, but than, doesn’t the lady always know best? LOL. Clearly, you and your other half have worked things out to perfection!

  2. I had to comment on this one. Love the last line. I recently was married (again), past middle age. And that aging together thing is wonderful. Freaking wonderful! Thanks for the poetry.

  3. it’s beautiful … I love to read your poems as it always gives me a glimpse of a life not known to me. loved – ‘Of aging and saging
    Together’…God bless you.

  4. Perhaps if I was to be asked one fundamental running thread in this poem, then I would say team-spirit. Reminds me of some episode somewhere I watched some years ago. An old couple, walking together, during valentine–in their own way celebrating each other. Them laughing exposing their toothless gums, but nonetheless living in that moment. Who can beat that?

    • You’ve narrowed it down to the essence, Lorot. No… it does not get better than that. After thirty-four years with this man ( I was only 17 when we fell in love) I speak from a place of commitment and experience.

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