Image Audivit


Whose hand put to paper
red sable hair, saturate
with pigment
yet not?

Whose mind first created
your image in sepia
tones earthy

Whose eye deviated
from photo, modern media
to render
here caught?

is The Creator?

*I tried in vain to locate the identity of the artist who created this simple yet striking image that flits unattributed through cyber-space.
I felt sad at the creator’s loss, like that of a child-abandoned mother. ¬†


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14 thoughts on “Image Audivit

  1. Firstly I must say how much I adore the watercolour of the little brown bird – nothing carries the touch of an unknown artist quite like a little painting. You have captured that idea so well in the opening stanza, and you ask a very pertinent question in this poem.

  2. You should ask Blake…the profundity of the question is beyond ordinary mortals. more importantly, what surprises me is why you had kept quiet in the last couple of months and managed to curb this creative spirit of yours.

    • Oh, Abin…You are thoughtful and kind!
      I had some health issues followed by surgery. The pain medication zonked me, too. I AM now well again and back to my own, true self.

  3. No attribution anywhere? How sad, yes, for the artist and for the little lost bird. And yet he found you, and surely finds others, too, so he may be lost but he couldn’t be lonely.
    I love your poem.

  4. such a sweet little watercolor bird…it seems it’s round belly could fit well in one’s palm…perhaps now, by virtue of your loving poem you have become it’s adoptive mother?

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