Rebirth by Decade

“Some changes look negative on the surface but you will soon realize that space is being created in your life for something new to emerge.”  ― Eckhart Tolle

Beyond 50
the truth of mortality
the foibles of humanity
distrust, lack
are far less important
that at 20

At 20
sparks dreams, conviviality
propels toward credibility
inspires efficacity
and the desire to achieve
before 30

Then 30
quickens domesticity
urges living proof of potency
encourages dependability,
home ownership, security
by 40

When 40
we foster equanimity
appreciate diversity
ponder our own divinity
while facing inevitability:
middle age looms ~
or live to 50

beyond 50
encourages felicity
search for tranquility
transformation individually

Toward grace, contentment, serenity
inner beauty, fulfillment, authenticity
balance, joy and flexibility

It’s herstory
Primal Clarity


*Prompted by and linked up at Poets United

*The phrase Primal Clarity is attributed to novelist, Margret Drabble

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17 thoughts on “Rebirth by Decade

  1. The passages of time changes one’s view of what is important. You have penned so well, what life is like is my 50’s. And I am enjoying every minute!

    • Clarity. Clarity. Clarity. This is a concept I am delving deeply into. It is exciting to me. It will be the focus of my work for many months, I am sure.

    • I appreciate that, Ella. A bit reflective, I allowed this piece to define itself and duke it out with the rhyme scheme, which felt too contrived but demanded existence!

  2. I love how you defined each decade and the tasks of each decade. Each decade is a different part of life’s journey. I think the 50’s are FREEING!

    • Your generosity humbles me, Ollie, since your work always offers up style and diction choices of note. Perhaps we have a mutual admiration society in the works.

  3. Love the differentiation between the decades. Gotta agree, life certainly comes more into focus as we age. I’ve found the difference between my mindset now at 40 and what it was at 30 or 20 is huge. You’ve captured this eloquently!

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