Gettin’ All Truthy

It’s time, now
to get all truthy.
Women of my world,
hear this!

Education’s the key
get as much as you can
independence is what that’s about.

Attachments define
If life frees or confines.
Choose with wisdom,
in your future they’ll count.

Then give all that you have-
No condition.

The way that you treat
your beloved, those you meet
determines your path,
lessons therein replete.
It is true:
What you sow
you will reap.

Do what you must,
find delight in each day;
be grateful or find a way out.

Self-respect and self-love
Must be nurtured life-long
Learn why, when you’re plagued with self-doubt.

Know what it is that you came here to do,
then do it as well as you can.
Lay your foundation,
Add experience too,
one by one,
each a brick
in the temple that’s you.

Now worship.

*Special thanks to Marian at for inspiring this piece.

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17 thoughts on “Gettin’ All Truthy

  1. amen! what great advice, kim. preach it!
    i can’t imagine that i could inspire such a thing when i have so much to learn. i am honored.

  2. ‘Truthy’..what a wonderful word.. education that doesn’t happen in a school room is just as important maybe (but sometimes harder)..for some reason I thought of Tracy Chapman and ‘Fast Car’ you have to break that cycle of checkouts and empty bottles..good to be back..Jae x

    • Actually Amy, Marian made a comment on one of my poems; and it was that comment that prompted this ditty.Funny how the words travel ’round between us, isn’t it? And I am so happy to note that you are posting regularly again! Brava!

    • Perhaps the poem beckoned because of International Women’s Day, but penning it specifically for that day was not my intent. Kismet!
      Thank you, Abin!

  3. Oh this should be every woman’s anthem. If only someone had said those words to me when I was young – they take so long to learn on one’s own. Beautiful, kiddo! I love it.

  4. Hear,hear how true, Kim! Education first and all others fall into place!. But still we give our fullest to those we love and “reaped what we sowed” Beautiful words and beautifully expressed!


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