5 thoughts on “Grounded Kicks & Giggles

  1. Best place and way to meditate–(or as we used to call it, ‘daydream’)–is out amidst the plants and sky and little live things. Enjoyed the gopher purge photos on your sidebar, too–I need some of that.

    • I am lucky to live in a wild little area. Lots of flora and fauna. And the gopher purge does work, but the smarter rodents just burrow a few feet away. Ah well, they are part of nature’s bounty too, I suppose.

  2. I love to meditate, I mean walk! It is when I get my best ideas and my mind can wander with the use of my senses! I loved your poem~ Beautiful…

  3. I love this. Walking through the woods or along a beach is the one place where all my chattery thoughts are suspended and I can simply Be, with nature. And it becomes a walking meditation, every time. Lovely poem.

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