Losing It

Grief stole
Her lily-white soul
Sweet as maple-syrup,
Sugar cane.

Doubt crept in
Led to carnal sin
Cloying, daring, needy
Broke, not sane.

Lost faith destroyed
Strength before employed.
Later she’s aware,
The switch, the flip.

Double-helix facts aside
She was certain God had died
Yes, abandoned her,
How could she now survive?

So she didn’t.

*inspired by Monday Melting, Week 9 ~ lily, doubt, flip, yes, helix, grief, later, cane, how, maple

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10 thoughts on “Losing It

  1. Kim! i so resonate with this. especially the lines “grief stole her lily-white soul” and “double-helix facts aside she was certain God had died”. not only did you rhyme those brilliantly but your choice of words is dead-on. x

  2. This is full of pain and sadness. I don’t think there is ever a way to get over betrayal of our trust. We can forgive but, once trust is broken, it’s never usually the same as it was.
    The words are raw, pain filled and leave their reader knowing the subject was going through a great deal of emotional trauma.
    Great writing!

  3. There is a thread of darkness..like maple syrup..running through this piece..but I leave feeling she will be ‘ok’..maybe she strove for something better than survival..(ps the comment about ‘you’re not Jesus’ made me smile) Jae

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