Catch and Release

Didn’t realize God
practiced catch and release
give ’em talent, drive, desire,
set ’em free
then hook ’em,┬áreel ’em in,┬álet ’em dangle,
gasp for breath
’til the yearning
to be free
finally takes

*inspired by Marian Kent at Imaginary Gardens and by the Vic Chesnutt, et al

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18 thoughts on “Catch and Release

  1. This is an amazing response to the prompt and the life of Vic Chesnutt. Sometimes life is too hard to bear, and the flirtation with death becomes a binding relationship.

  2. Hi Kim,

    Catch & Release; what a descriptive message you display here! I can relate having been a MST survivor trying to recover from PTSD. It surely is a tough life but your words caught in brevity the singleness of the moment. Thatnks for a wonderful read! Stay Creative!

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