In honor of this most auspicious occasion,
may your day be filled with wonder.


I Shall Carry

In my pocket
I shall carry
all that does hold value
and Faith
a little Love, perhaps
Validation for the Work that I do
Good Wishes for others walking their path
Support for the ones now discouraged
Reinforcement for folks one day at a time
Reminders: Don’t hurry or worry
Goodness and Guidance based on the greats,
those wordsmiths who altered the future
Kindness and Honor toward others I meet
Awareness that we all endure,
are TheĀ Light

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22 thoughts on “POEM IN YOUR POCKET DAY ~ I Shall Carry

  1. Uma

    Such a wonderful diary !! I would like if the “and” is changed to “the” in the last line .

    “Awareness that we all endure
    the Light “

  2. Ellen

    Kim this was wonderful! It made me smile huge for tucking this thoughtful day in your
    WONDERfilled poem~ Magic is what I felt reading it~
    Love the pic :D

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