Burn Baby Burn

All bluster and four-letter words

He takes the room by storm
F-bombs detonating
The possibility  that someone might actually care
“Does he feel?”


It’s the feelings that he fears
Passing through them he avoids
As highs and booze and sex and cruise
Build barriers  blocking those roads
And he travels on
Leaving wreckage in his wake
Until crash and burn day
and then it’s all burnbabyburn
burn. baby. burn.

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14 thoughts on “Burn Baby Burn

  1. WHEW! Yes. I’ve met him. Powerful character sketch reminds me a bit of a tiny little Gwendolyn Brooks poem. You step it up into an individual force.
    Susan recently posted…KindMy Profile

  2. We see such people wherever we go. Isn’t it unfortunate that they chose to be weak and escape reality through sex and drugs and booze? You’re description of that man sounded like the lyrics of a song- smooth and flowing and rhythmic. I enjoyed reading it.

  3. So true. There are a lot of people out in the world, I think, that are afraid of their feelings & vent like this….without analyzing what is inside. Makes me think that this certain is not poets! Smiles. Good to see you, Kim!
    Mary recently posted…Childhood TreesMy Profile

  4. What a powerful beginning! The piece could have veered into glorifying the reckless path, but, the ending really took a somber, documentary turn. A bit surprising, in a great way.

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