Virtual is Reality


virtual is reality
And reality not necessarily
virtuous (although my aim is always to be)

Are these connections,


I’ve never seen your  form
smelled your scent
heard your voice

Are these connections,


I take my leave from here
sharing silence
no images, no words

Are these connections,


do you
miss me?

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27 thoughts on “Virtual is Reality

  1. i think they are…
    if you asked me when i first started i would have said not…
    but that changed…and i feel for those i know only through words
    some i have met for real…13 actually, so far…
    when Richard died about 3 years ago it rocked me…
    i met him thru blogs..we chatted about every day thru yahoo chat
    funny, a world apart in our interests, he was a cook…
    i never heard his voice, saw him…and when he had a heart attack
    he took a bit of my heart with him…
    so yeah its real…
    brian miller recently posted…the songs we sing, or won’tMy Profile

  2. The U that I miss is the one the narrator has let me know, unless some presence in the machine has represented her in a way she would not have chosen. But I might still miss the interloper. And I might not recognize you in a different environment. That is more similar to real life than I thought it would be, though physical presence opens up more possible dimensions in one way, less in another.
    Susan recently posted…KindMy Profile

  3. A very thought provoking poem and a complex issue worth addressing. I am very interested to know the opinions of others on this one . Are these relationships real ? They are real enough to miss the connection with someone, but not real in a sense because the connection is an intensely based mind interaction ( that is a nice way of saying a mind fuck) without physical cues or any form of physical distraction….I don’t think it is real and if taken seriously , I’m not sure if it is healthy.
    Cressida de Nova recently posted…Grace CoddingtonMy Profile

  4. Hard questions to the online community. It thrives, it’s alluring, it provides emotional satisfactions because it seems like its there, seems to sympathize, embrace. Though pull the plug and it was never there. But then how real is the actual, anyway? The latter is enough of a question to make the former good enough. Great stuff.
    Brendan recently posted…My Father at 86My Profile

  5. This is a question I have often asked myself of internet friendships. I have made so many connections around the world but should/could I consider them to be ‘true’ friendships if I have never seen the people? What constitutes friendship?

    • It is an interesting phenomenon of these modern times. Some of these people feel like family; we have email exchanges and send one another snail mail. Must be part of our social evolution.

  6. Like the clouds in your picture – all of our connections can be fleeting, return, and impact us in different ways at different times so I think they are real. Joy and loss and the other emotions can be triggered just the same in virtual relationships and although many of us prefer flesh and the intricacies that allows- the virtual ones expand our lives. So many great thoughts shared above- Thanks Kim

    • Thank you, Marie, for taking the time to read and offer such a thoughtful response. I am lucky to have both literal and virtual relationships with you! :-)

  7. In that we are all one, we are thee and in eternal sensation of this whole. In plainer words, I carry all with me and if shared well, in the loving.

  8. It is a different world now. Your poem made me think of how I perceive reality..maybe the test is what feels real..and the friendship..belonging and care is certain as stone
    Jae Rose recently posted…SecondMy Profile

  9. Interesting question, Kim. I think the connections I made through blogging are real with the people with whom I have regular exchanges of comments. I feel we have gotten to know each other through our poetry and posts. I am closer to a few blogger friends with whom I have more frequent contact, also by email. So I think reciprocal communication and support is the foundation for real friendship, online or offline. Smiles :)
    Loredana Donovan recently posted…Of sunrises and rosesMy Profile

  10. There are bloggers who somehow seem accessible, friendships I would cultivate in person if possible. We lost an amazing poet, a good and gentle man who lived in England in October. David King. I miss his presence, his wisdom, him. I would have loved knowing him in person.

    It would be grand to gather a group of my favorite bloggers together … Sigh.

    • Oh Helen! I encountered David over the years. I have been long absent in the wider poetry circle and did not know of his passing. I am saddened by this news.

    • I would like to mention David King as well. As far as I know he is the first to pass amongst the blogging poets community. It is strange and sad to see his pic on my followers page knowing he is no longer with us. As I said previously these blogging relationships are complex because they are relatively new to the modern world. Great topic and have enjoyed reading the comments.
      Cressida de Nova recently posted…Grace CoddingtonMy Profile

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