At An Angle

At an angle
The looking glass
A taller, leaner me
Which I like to see
But my reality
Is robust, strong, hippy
Balanced, flexible, patently
perfect. For me.
A Beautiful Body

*Shared at Midweek Motif, graciously offered up by Susan Chast.
*Prompted by the lessons I’ve learned from Jade Beall‘s Beautiful Body Project

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17 thoughts on “At An Angle

  1. Self Acceptance of the person one sees in the mirror is important. It is a good thing to look in the mirror and realize one’s body is perfect just as it is! Good message in your poem, Kim.
    Mary recently posted…MirrorsMy Profile

  2. It is good that you can see your own beauty. Everyone should learn to love their so called “flaws” they are the differences that makes us each unique.

  3. …bless you for the acceptance & contentment you gained for yourself… not all can achieve such satisfaction that you have… i loved this short, great poem… smiles…

  4. The class sounds like a wonderful lesson for all to learn! It should be offered in school when we are young. Think of the time it could save us from worrying so much over our bodies!

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