I am in the midst of redevelopment
improvement from the inside
time to refurbish
learn to self-nourish
without fear or doubt

I am in the midst of redevelopment
a recalibration of fact
starting inside
learn to love
all that heretofore
I disliked thought/sight of

Learn, believe: All is well

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This poem was shared in The Garden

13 thoughts on “I AM

  1. Kerry O'Connor says:

    Your process of refurbishment is apparent in your self-representation in both art and poetry. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Sweeper of Dreams says:

    Refreshing, rekindling … that first clear dry after a rain, and the moment to light the bonfire before the sun sets. Love how your poem captures transformations that we want to go so smoothly, but that become whatever they are however they must… and we adjust.

  3. Laura Hegfield says:

    Wishing you every blessing Kim, this is something many of us are continuously called to do, this rebuilding of our inner sacred sanctuary, clearing out the cobwebs of old stories that do not serve us or anyone for the highest good.
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