Black Dog Melancholia

Black Dog Melancholia








Black dog melancholia

Seems to be
My natural state
I hate
that fact

I want to be all bright colored
Orange, Lime, Grapefruit, Pink
Apparently emanating a sweet citrus smell
And I work HARD toward that end

But some days
I wish I was comfortable
Nestled in the BlueGloom
So that life
Need not be
So effortful

But I’m not
So I put it forth
Searching for a way
To “STAY!” then walk away
From the black dog

*written to share in The Garden


I am in the midst of redevelopment
improvement from the inside
time to refurbish
learn to self-nourish
without fear or doubt

I am in the midst of redevelopment
a recalibration of fact
starting inside
learn to love
all that heretofore
I disliked thought/sight of

Learn, believe: All is well

*Original Art Available Here
This poem was shared in The Garden

Red Hawk

Red Hawk

Original Sketch by Kim Nelson

Red Hawk tail feather
Fell from the sky
Delivering message, meaning
And intent

I paid attention
Looked for roots
Of discontent

In order to remember

Then let go

Now I know
That hawk is, too.

*Original Art available here

*Shared in The Garden