Chameleon, I mastered early

Authenticity? Years to attain

Lacking a soul nurtured fondly
Self love came

Once  fiercely and tenderly caring for me
Became the norm
I could see

The way
Loving unconditionally

From fear
Finally free


*Written for Poets United, An Authentic Life
(Write a poem about an authentic life, living your passion, following your bliss. Fact or fiction, tell a tale in poetry. Make a deeper truth known. One caveat: Do it in fewer than 13 lines.)

19 thoughts on “Mastered

  1. Sara v says:

    Kim, powerful words and emotions in this–what an incredible first line “Chameleon, I mastered early…” Didn’t we all? So glad to see finally free :-)

  2. K says:

    Very powerful…and very true how we need to remember we need to learn to love ourselves.

  3. Ella says:

    Beautiful Kim! I love the journey you shared and how you are finally free~
    I wish for this, too
    Ella recently posted…IWSGMy Profile

  4. Mary says:

    In your poem I read that without self love love of others is really not possible. I embrace that thought! Well expressed, Kim.
    Mary recently posted…Take HoldMy Profile

  5. Bonnie J. Toomey says:

    I like the way this looks on the page. Interesting the way you have played with the font as well. I think it works well. Sparse and good conservation of words as well as good choice of words to get the message clear which you have stayed with from start to finish. I really like the image the chameleon conjures up. Well done!
    Bonnie J. Toomey recently posted…I Pinch MyselfMy Profile

  6. alan1704 says:

    From Fear finally free – what a journey in your words and the way they snake towards liberty. Just like a river cascading into new life. Really captured my attention and interest.

  7. Robyn says:

    So many of us start in that chameleon phase. Lucky are those that break free from fear! Your poem is a wonderful description of that journey to living an authentic life!

  8. Sharp Little Pencil says:

    Kim, you nailed it. Not only was this a wonderful prompt for all of us, judging by the responses, but you got the distinction between “the mask” and “the real me.” I shared that journey and am so glad, after years of trying, to finally be “a real live girl,” like Pinocchio, or in my case, a fully realized, cognizant woman. An elder, almost!

    This one struck me in its spare language and potent meaning. Peace, Amy
    Sharp Little Pencil recently posted…Let Your Heart Take the ReinsMy Profile

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