Hard Earned

Hard Earned / Learned

In the past
If someone gave me a satin robe
Emblazoned with my name
Presented a rope-ringed mat
Stools in opposing corners
Then rang a bell

I’d jump in

Now, on a good day,
No matter the gift, set-up, challenge
I return to my mantra
May you be happy
May you be well
May you be free from suffering

And may I be, too.

Channeling Grace
I walk away
from the ring


* Guided Loving Kindness Meditation
*Shared at Poets United
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Black Dog Melancholia

Black Dog Melancholia








Black dog melancholia

Seems to be
My natural state
I hate
that fact

I want to be all bright colored
Orange, Lime, Grapefruit, Pink
Apparently emanating a sweet citrus smell
And I work HARD toward that end

But some days
I wish I was comfortable
Nestled in the BlueGloom
So that life
Need not be
So effortful

But I’m not
So I put it forth
Searching for a way
To “STAY!” then walk away
From the black dog

*written to share in The Garden


I AM in Need of Redevelopment

Inside My Sketchbook:  Mixed Media Selfie by Kim Nelson

I am in the midst of redevelopment
improvement from the inside
time to refurbish
learn to self-nourish
without fear or doubt

I am in the midst of redevelopment
a recalibration of fact
starting inside
learn to love
all that heretofore
I disliked thought/sight of

Learn, believe: All is well

*Original Art Available Here
This poem was shared in The Garden