We Are All One

“We are all one child spinning through Mother Sky”
– Shawnee

We are all one

We Are All One

We are all one child
Blessed, Sacred, of The Divine
Intimately connected through breath

We are all one child
Able to support or defile
Each birth, each life, each death

We are all one child
Arising from, returning to
The power, source, love, noblesse

Are all
One child

*To see more poems on this topic, go to The Garden 
*With Thanks to Susie Clevenger
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Summer Rain Sweetness

Summer Rain

Colorado River Toad

Summer Rain

Lemon Grass with Bling

Summer Rain II

Thai Basil after The Rain

Summer Rain

In Tucson
Desert monsoon
Pours torrentially
Delivered with cacophony
Roads become waterways
Wadis, rivers now
And the toads
and Sparkles

*Check out the Monsoon 2014 Photo Collection at Tucson.com