When will tendernes rule?

“When” Hafiz said, “will tenderness reign?”
will LOVE govern?
There’s a court you rule
that affects all near you,
so tell me.
When will tenderness reign?

Can it be


Prints and original available at Saatchi Art. If you see something you cannot live without, please contact me directly at kimnelsonwrites@gmail.com. I’d rather ship art to online friends and fellow poets/artists at a discount than send them off to strangers. :-)
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Bright Sunset Strip


Salt, colors crash, swirl
Blending, bending, forcing worlds
Toward evolution


I love making art, but marketing is not my favorite activity.

For this same reason, I declined another poetry chapbook publication offer. The commercial aspects are really time consuming.

Shame on me, right?!

Encouraged (challenged? ) by several maker and artist friends, I’m determined to overcome that nasty attitude and develop my marketing and PR skills and commitment. To that end, I’ve been photographing and uploading images of my work for sale at Saatchi Art and in my Etsy shop. I will continue to add new listings as paint dries and photos are taken.

Please have a look and offer your personal and professional insight, suggestions, comments… whatever.

You can email me directly at: kimnelsoncreates@gmail.com

Bright Sunset Strip is available here!

Flanders Field

Flanders Field

Detail #kimnelsoncreates #100days #originalart #oilpaint #contemporaryart

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Several years ago I visited Flanders Field while traveling through Belgium with TGH.

Recalling that experience earlier this week, on Memorial Day: I began the painting from which the above detail is extracted..

Give me a day or two and I’ll post the finished piece with the poem by John McCrae.

Flanders Field, public domain image