Patterns ~ Flickr Friday


Patterns ~ Sago Palm in My Garden

ways we be
hold on tight
always done
so naturally
seems a part
even if it kills us

My goal?
to practice letting go
release the routine
create space, just so
for new ~ clean
flood the depths
with strength
find grace
and shine out inner glow

An intentional challenge

*Patterns captivate me, they draw in and demand my attention. I recognize them everywhere, most significantly in my own being, my own body, my own life. I use my yoga and meditation practice to release my firm grip and let go of that which does not serve the greater good. Like the poem said: Evolving is a challenge.

*Click here to see some of the beautiful, natural patterns I’ve photographed along the way.

Fourth Avenue Foray…

Fourth Avenue

Fourth Avenue Foray

I leave Caruso’s
Good food, wine, company

Walk along
Slighty vino giddy

At the corner,
Stop. Listen
To a trio’s harmony

Drop a dollar
In the top hat
Musicians smile, all three

Smiling back
I am aware
I love life, love the city

We often dine at Caruso’s in Tucson. My favorite dish? Chicken and Eggplant, Sicilian Style … Braised chicken breast, eggplant wedges and mushrooms, covered with a tangy red sauce and baked with a cheese topping. Perfection!

Click here are some more Fourth Avenue scenes

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Sunflower ~ Flickr Friday

Each sunflower is unique, different from the rest. When we see a field of them we don’t choose which is best. They’re all gorgeous. Like us.

A pic & a poem…




It is in the imperfections
And flaws
That beauty and attraction
Work together
Form new laws
Of our nature

When we look
From depth and honesty
With open eyes
To really see
We learn great truths


  To see the entire sunflower gallery, visit my Flickr page.

Community Supported Agriculture ~ SHARE


Walking the rows, plots, beds
I look ahead
to harvest
and Know
I will
Walking the rows, plots, beds
In so many ways


I have a large garden plot in my backyard and grow lots of herbs, flowers, fruits and veg. But not everyone is so fortunate. There are other ways, however, too enjoy fresh, organic food like Farmer’s Markets, community gardens, farm stands and CSAs.

 Community Supported Agriculture, or CSA, is a farming business model that forms a partnership between a farmer and a community of members who buy “shares” of the farm’s future harvests, providing the farm with operating capital to start a planting/harvesting cycle and guaranteeing the farm a stable market for its products. In return, the farm pledges to offer each member weekly “shares” of its harvests.

Tucson area farmers offer several options for participation, including River Road Gardens, Sunizona Family Farms, Sleeping Frog Farms, and Tucson Community Supported Agriculture. A favorite artisan baker of mine, Don Guerra of  Barrio Bread, follows a similar model.

Fresh vegetables. Fresh fruit. Fresh bread. What’s not to love about that?

CSA melons

“Picked Today” melons to choose from

CSA Barrio Bread III

Barrio Bread’s Pain au levain

CSA Barrio Bread II

Barrio Baguette and Pan Epi

CSA Barrio Bread I

Cranberry Walnut … MY Favorite!


CSA tomatoes

Heirloom Tomatoes

CSA okra

Heirloom Okra

CSA squash

Organic Yellow Squash

CSA cukes

Organic Cucumbers