It Begins!

Photo © Kim Nelson

Photo © Kim Nelson

It Begins!

male quail
atop native mesquite
calls out
familiar tune

he lures the one
they pair for life
safely nesting
‘neath silvery moon

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la Lune

Tucson Winter Moon

Tucson’s winter moon
peaks down at desert life
chilling deepest night

silver, solid clouds
keep Sonora desert warm
but on this night
all take flight

waxing winter moon
quite bright
reflecting Sol’s revealing light
sandy floor, with shadows
does adorn

loudly, lucidly
marauders warn
as they form
their posse-pack-swarm

will mourn


*Inspired by Samuel Peralta at dVerse Poets Pub and his lively explanation of la Lune

Sonoran Stones

Here they are ~
The last in this round of Small Stones
Daily snippets of observation
Ordinary moments of grace
January 26, 2012

He limped past
through the desert
front right leg stiff, straight
gash, just above shoulder.
A clash with fellow Canis latrans?
Or did human beast intervene?

January 27, 2012

prepares the space
for sacrament
for grace

January 28, 2012

University town
The Arts abound
Wildlife surrounds

January 29, 2012

Loved since 18
Fifty four
Still incites
This heart to roar
How lucky

January 30,2012

I feel you.
Here. Now.
Even though
Your today began
Eighteen hours ago

January 31, 2012

It’s clear
We’ve met before
As logic
This connection