Sketchbook Scenes

My sketchbook is my practice pad. I draw, paint, write, take notes and refer back to those pages when I’m working on other projects. I also use the sketchbook as a springboard for my creativity. I discovered that drawing and painting jump-start writing engine. I access words more readily after playing with pen and ink, line and shadow, color and tone.

I don’t claim that these are masterpieces in any stage of the making. They inspire me. I hope they inspire you too. Art for its own sake is art, for, well, its own sake. But it’s for ours, too.

Pen & Ink Quick Sketch

Basic Watercolor Details

Add Depth of Color & Color Wash Using Watercolors and Watercolor Pencils

Pen & Ink Notes and Accents

Border & Finishing Touches



13 thoughts on “Sketchbook Scenes

    • Kim Nelson says:

      Thanks, Marian. I want my readers to know there are so many avenues of expression, so many ways to create. I also want to hone my skills so that I can someday illustrate my own book of poems. Now you know… :-)

    • Kim Nelson says:

      Yippee! The inspiration… that’s what I love about these online interactions. I learn so much, feel prompted to create differently and more freely thanks to people like you, Margaret.

  1. Belinda says:

    Lovely! These days, I carry around an iPad more often than a sketchpad so seeing your drawings made me long for the good ol’ days.

    On a related note, I attended a luncheon for a child abuse prevention center today and was thoroughly inspired by the paintings done by the children that were up for a silent auction. The goddesses of art are sending me signals to get in touch with my inner painter!

  2. Sharp Little Pencil says:

    Kim, thanks for taking us step by step. This is a wonderful, meditative way to keep the juices flowing. I like your style, the nature focus… I am a doodler by nature but never get into it this deeply. Maybe it’s time to grab the sketchbook, which will undoubtedly lead to setting it aside to write poetry. It’s all about inspiration, right? Peace, Amy

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