As They Fall: Leaves

Fall Leaves

some folks say
a tree won’t miss
fall leaves
I ask
do they know?
did they pull energy to trunk and soul
from soil
feeding that which bursts forth
then grows?
do they hold tight
to foliage bright
through frolicking spring
and summer sun’s sting?
when nights turn cold?
Doubt it.
If so,
folks would know
those trees
miss those leaves.

The Reason Why

“Man is an extension of God and, as such, he has certain attributes in common with God. One is the power of creation. Part of man’s experience on the physical plane is to become a consciously aware and responsible creator, and to create those things which are positive in nature.”

- John-Roger

The easiest thing in the world would be
me spewing resentment, rage
page after page after page
age, however, has taught
not to hold then repeat
deceit, disrespect
neglect, but rather
gather the goodness that exists
insists on expression
freshen, release

This poem is prompted both by John-Roger’s wisdom, above, and by Kerry and Hedgewitch over at Real Toads , who challenged us to write linked or chained rhyme in which the last syllable or syllables of a line chimes with the first syllable or syllables of the next line.