Outside The Box

In The Box
Mixed Media by Kim Nelson


Packed away
Fitted into the clean white space
You determined
I should fill

I bowed the walls
Expanded to a bold broad place
I determined
I would fill

Of expectations
Caused destruction

AM alone
Outside the box

Lost to you

Completely true



Sharp as razor’s edge
The woman
Cut through
Tumbleweed, sedge
Of social niceties

Fully in control
The woman
Shot straight
Hip and low
To the heart of things

Goddess, yet in flesh
The woman
Wise from rest
Left no casualties

She knew better


*Inspired by Three Word Wednesday ~ Razor, Control, Flesh

To Let Go

I AM letting go

The time has come


Morning realization

This is done


I AM moving on

Though filled with love


Dawning here and now

Clear, from above


I AM placing faith

In you and yours


Capable of choice,

Successes, more


I AM opening fists

And opening heart


Letting what comes next

Lessons impart


I AM freeing you

And freeing me


To live and learn and love, now

Judgment free


I AM shunning fear

To let love bind


Illuminate my soul

Heart, psyche, mind



Terra Firma

And now

I stand my ground

I’ll not be abused

Refuse to be used

When cheated, short-fused

Way past the blues

Thus I implore you … Do not be confused

This line

In this sand

This time

~ Is final ~