One Task

We are sent into life for one task: to enrich the lives of others.
– Gandhi
One Task

Each morning I awaken,
Brush my teeth
slather on sunscreen
take my vitamins
throw on clothes

And then I sit

In silence,
listening to the breath,
learning, repeating:
May I be happy
May I be well
May I be free from suffering
May I feel peace.

And then I sit longer, breathing,
wishing these things for you
because happiness, wellness, non-suffering and peace
All begin within.

These things I nurture
And then send them out to you
Because I AM
You are
every dedicated breath.

*Prompted by Susan at Poets United


*More information on Metta Meditation

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My Waterlily Wonder

Look what's blooming in the pond… #alwaysfilterfree #gardengoodness #joyeveryday #kimnelsoncreates #waterlilly

A photo posted by Kim Nelson (@kimnelsoncreates) on

Just thought I’d share a pic from my Instagram feed. . This waterlily wonder bloomed for the first time a few days ago!

If you want to see more like this ,  I post art and garden shots on Instagram nearly every day . Follow along here!


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Photo by Kim Nelson

To only you
I offer lavender
Coupling red tulips, ivy-draped
Moist with dew

To every other being
I toss riotous bouquets
Camellia, stock and mistletoe,
Red rose, zinnia nosegays

You are the only one,
Like lavender and I,
Who’ll thrive along the rocky path
Through drought, lean years, dark sky
And grow stronger.
This is why

To only you
I offer lavender
Coupling red tulips, ivy-draped
Moist with dew

Lavender is written for TGH, shared in The Garden.

*Check out The Language of Flowers, to learn the meanings of the flowers mentioned above, as well as many others.