Pictures of Me

Pictures of me move fleetingly
in and out of memory, present, past
I gaze
trying to decide if any
are recognizable

This is not a mood thing
a stage of life or a phase
It’s an awakening
(I get it @KateC.)
a realization
that if they’re not

It’s time to fix that

*Shared in The Garden

** proudly not a haiku (although sometimes haiku are exactly right)

One Task

We are sent into life for one task: to enrich the lives of others.
– Gandhi
One Task

Each morning I awaken,
Brush my teeth
slather on sunscreen
take my vitamins
throw on clothes

And then I sit

In silence,
listening to the breath,
learning, repeating:
May I be happy
May I be well
May I be free from suffering
May I feel peace.

And then I sit longer, breathing,
wishing these things for you
because happiness, wellness, non-suffering and peace
All begin within.

These things I nurture
And then send them out to you
Because I AM
You are
every dedicated breath.

*Prompted by Susan at Poets United


*More information on Metta Meditation

My Waterlily Wonder

Look what's blooming in the pond… #alwaysfilterfree #gardengoodness #joyeveryday #kimnelsoncreates #waterlilly

A photo posted by Kim Nelson (@kimnelsoncreates) on

Just thought I’d share a pic from my Instagram feed. . This waterlily wonder bloomed for the first time a few days ago!

If you want to see more like this ,  I post art and garden shots on Instagram nearly every day . Follow along here!


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