Hard Earned

Hard Earned / Learned

In the past
If someone gave me a satin robe
Emblazoned with my name
Presented a rope-ringed mat
Stools in opposing corners
Then rang a bell

I’d jump in

Now, on a good day,
No matter the gift, set-up, challenge
I return to my mantra
May you be happy
May you be well
May you be free from suffering

And may I be, too.

Channeling Grace
I walk away
from the ring


* Guided Loving Kindness Meditation
*Shared at Poets United

Star Valley

Star Valley Flower Farm, by Toril Fisher

Star Valley Flower Farm, by Toril Fisher

All that she needs
And all that she knows
Grows in those Star Valley rows

Tasty abundance
Scents, essences, too
Herbals, medicinals,  plain pretty? ~ a few

The land, man and sun
The rain gifted down
Conspire to keep her here in this town

All that she needs
And all that she knows
Will always and ever be Star Valley rows

Margaret introduced the bold work of Toril Fisher in The Garden this week.
I penned this poem to share there.


Places where we choose direction change

Spaces we embrace, release, set free

Times and cycles, ends and starts, new range

Moments when one learns to truly be

Dear Ones,

I am in transition. Again. Happily.

The Good Husband and I built a dream home a decade ago, perfect in time, space, place. And now it’s not. So we’re leaving. We sold the rural beauty, bought a mid-century home in a central location and begin renovations in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, I’m making design decisions, lining up contractors and minimizing possessions. The process is wondrous and wonderful, demanding and exhausting; so I’m careful to include a daily yoga practice, meditation and pleasure reading in my routine.

I’ve had little opportunity to write or make art, but this frustration is temporary. Once settled into the guest house of our new home, I’ll resume a regular writing /creating schedule that will include updates on renovations, garden and landscape developments and new adventures as I enjoy walking out my front door to explore the University, downtown, new yoga studios, The Drawing Studio, The Poetry Center and lots of restaurants, bars and coffee shops. I AM one happy woman! And I have a lot to share.

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