My Waterlily Wonder

Look what's blooming in the pond… #alwaysfilterfree #gardengoodness #joyeveryday #kimnelsoncreates #waterlilly

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Just thought I’d share a pic from my Instagram feed. . This waterlily wonder bloomed for the first time a few days ago!

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Kitchen Window


Outside kitchen window
Olive tree
One of three
Feeds bird and bee

Spied from kitchen window
Sun’s last rays
Create displays
Pink, gold, maize
Demand my gaze

Inside kitchen window
Hands in sink
Can’t help think
I AM in sync
Joy’s distinct


* I love my new house. I can watch the sun set from both my studio and the kitchen. No matter where I am, the evening sky gifts me with color, wonder.

Can’t Sit Still!

Can't Sit Still!

Can’t sit still
Wonders wend
Tones caress shoulders
Hips sway

Can’t sit still
Tones, notes send
Messages mass-age
Carry away

Can’t sit still
Play my spine
Lift my chin
Rub the right way

Gotta play

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