The Art of Living

We are not mere physical creatures, but spiritual beings whose highest motivation is to love, to give, to serve. The loftiest concept of living has nothing to do with making money, gathering intellectual knowledge, gaining power, or achieving fame even for a noble purpose. It is when we turn our back upon our own personal pleasure and profit for the sake of others that we attain real mastery of the art of living.Bhagavad Gita

The Art of Living

The Art of Life

At times I soar
Beyond highest expectations
Lifting, lofting, softly
Rising to the heavens
Touching God with fingertip
And God back

At times I do not.
I fail to see my wonder, glory
Cease to hear my eternal story
Fall prey to critical words
My own
Lose sight of home

At all times, however
God’s perspective is steady, solid, universal, stolid.
If I reach, he reaches back

To remind me of my spiritual self
Of my body, wondrous
Mind, emotions, inherent wealth
And the necessity, vitality
Of service

*Shared in The Garden

Tucson Tuesday III ~ Forecast

Forecast for Tucson, AZ High /Low (°F)

Mostly Sunny 103°/74°
Jun 25 Sunny 104°/75°
Jun 26 Sunny 105°/74°
Jun 27 Partly Cloudy 104°/73°
Jun 28 Sunny 104°/76°
Jun 29 Sunny 105°/76°
Jun 30 Sunny 106°/78°

Tucson in June. Seek shade, cool and sweet, like this pocket in my front yard.

When desert heat
Threatens to defeat

Seek shade
wait patiently
for rain

*Although it was not always the case, I love Tucson summers. The snowbirds and students leave us with much quieter roads and great summer rates at restaurants and resorts. Even more important, I’ve learned how to live here. I adore early mornings, sunrises, sunsets and cool nights. During the middle of the day, I retreat. I paint, I write, see movies, read books. It’s a lovely existence, really.