Tucson Tuesday III ~ Forecast

Forecast for Tucson, AZ High /Low (°F)

Mostly Sunny 103°/74°
Jun 25 Sunny 104°/75°
Jun 26 Sunny 105°/74°
Jun 27 Partly Cloudy 104°/73°
Jun 28 Sunny 104°/76°
Jun 29 Sunny 105°/76°
Jun 30 Sunny 106°/78°


Tucson in June. Seek shade, cool and sweet, like this pocket in my front yard.

When desert heat
Threatens to defeat

Seek shade
wait patiently
for rain

*Although it was not always the case, I love Tucson summers. The snowbirds and students leave us with much quieter roads and great summer rates at restaurants and resorts. Even more important, I’ve learned how to live here. I adore early mornings, sunrises, sunsets and cool nights. During the middle of the day, I retreat. I paint, I write, see movies, read books. It’s a lovely existence, really.

In The Bag

30 Minute Sketch ~ Brahmin Bag

In the bag. Open it up. Have a look.

Process Notes: Each self-contained line depicts a particular time frame in a woman’s life. When the next line’s items become necessary, the previous contents are retired.

in the bag over time:

textbooks, trail mix, tampons, blush, gloss and mints.
checkbooks, meeting notes, “to-dos,” pepper spray for defense.
board books, wipes & diapers, Cheerios to dispense.
coloring books, tissue packs, coupons, extra cents.
spelling books, practice schedules, forms signed as parents.
entertainment books, Tylenol, birthday-bar-bat-mitzvah presents.
paperback books, gatorade, team lists, bandages, finger splints.
MacBook, college schedules, iPhone, checks to mail for rents.
Modern Bride, book club guide, yoga pass, supplements.
e-Books, grandkids’ pix, passport, receipts/business expense.
travel books, extra sweater, wine guides, lubes, lip tints,
and a keen desire never to pack Depends.